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An Energy Storage Register

From 2016 to 2018 we invested in several aspects of exploration in the construction of a national Energy Storage Register (ESR) – and appreciated the opportunity to work with a range of stakeholders in that process.

As noted here on 14th Nov 2019, our work was superseded by the development efforts of the AEMO in construction of their DER Register.

What we learnt through our R&D process above is being applied in solving other challenges apparent in the energy transition, as we continue to build our company for the future.

Here’s some linked pages providing some context to what we did with the Energy Storage Register:

Background We started building this Energy Storage Register in early 2016.

We did this in conjunction with the Smart Energy Council to construct building blocks (using our Agile software development method) that would combine together to comprise a national Energy Storage Register.

Reasons why it’s necessary There are at least four key reasons why this Storage Register could be required.

We’ve prepared this page to explain the various reasons for which a diverse range of people see that an Energy Storage Register is necessary.

What is it we’re building? We’re preparing a page here to give you a graphical overview of what this Energy Storage Register is, and how it works.
How are we building it? For those who are interested in being involved in this project in some way, we explain more of the method we used – including some ways you might be involved, and some aspects of the service that have already been delivered.