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ACCC issues Product Recall Notice – LG Energy (formerly LG Chem) Home Battery

On Thursday 25th February 2021 the ACCC issued this recall notice for the following Models of Home Batteries supplied by LG Energy (formerly LG Chem):

  • RESU7H_Type R
  • RESU10
  • RESU10H Type-C
  • RESU10H_Type R
  • EM048063P3S4
  • EM048126P3S7



According to the ACCC product recall notice, the potential hazard of the defect is that it may increase the risk of fire, specifically warning:

‘The batteries may overheat and catch on fire.’


This ACCC page contains more information about the product recall, and importantly, lists the affected serial numbers.

The Clean Energy Council alerted its contact list about this recall on Friday 26th February 2021, and we are spreading this information further today.


Product Recalls as one use case for an Energy Storage Register

In 2016 we commenced development of an ‘Energy Storage Register’ in collaboration with the Smart Energy Council with the objective being that it would help with product recalls such as this one triggered by the ACCC recently.

Our efforts were suspended following the mandate given to AEMO to deliver their Distributed Energy Resource Register.   We will be very interested to see how the AEMO’s DER Register assists with this product recall process.

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