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AEMO’s Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Register now live

The AEMO’s Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Register is now live. After a short implementation delay from the original Dec 1st launch date that was previously announced, the DER register went live on the 1st of March 2020, with requirements for distribution networks to collect more data beginning from this date.

The DER Register will become the AEMO’s central database of information about local DER devices. Distributed Energy Resources are consumer-owned devices installed on-site at residential or business dwellings that have one of the following functions:

1. Generate electricity e.g. Rooftop PV

2. Store electricity e.g. Home Batteries

3. Have ‘smart’ capabilities that actively manage electricity demand e.g. certain air conditioners, pool pumps and other smart appliances

While these devices individually only have a minuscule effect on total grid operations, when aggregated and operated together through micro-grids and Virtual Power Plants (VPPs), these devices collectively have huge potential to contribute to grid reliability and security, and even more so as technology and the electricity industry evolve rapidly.

The purpose of the DER Register is to improve visibility and access to essential information for consumer devices. Collecting this information into a single database will then allow the AEMO to:

  • Forecast, plan and operate the grid more efficiently
  • Assist in preparation efforts for major outages or system disruption
  • Prepare the grid for major innovations such as Virtual Power Plants (VPP), with the potential to enable customers to consider and participate in new markets with their devices
  • Allows networks to make more informed decisions about network infrastructure as demand evolves and DER device up-take increases

Full information about the AEMO’s DER Program can be found here.

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