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Two weeks until the AEMO’s DER Register goes live (on 1st Dec 2019)

Beginning 2016, we made a sizeable investment in the development of an Energy Storage Register (ESR) – in conjunction with the Smart Energy Council (formerly known as the Energy Storage Council).

1)  We saw it as something that was necessary for the ongoing evolution of the energy sector, for a number of reasons including those noted here.

2)  Its development seemed like one of the “jigsaw puzzle pieces” that fit into where our company is headed for the future

3)  We reached the point where we had identified a way in which (we thought) we could build an ESR and successfully manage the process of maintaining completeness and correctness of records over time – doing all of this through the use of a ‘beneficiary pays’ business model.

Our investments preceded, and then ran alongside of the investigations that the AEMC conducted which eventually resulted in a Rule Change being made that mandated the AEMO to construct a Distributed Energy Resource Register (DER Register) encompassing energy storage but also other distributed resources.

In the lead-up to that decision, when it seemed likely that this was going to be the result (draft rule in June 2018), we put a hold on our development efforts and focused more of our attentions on other emerging challenges that we could help solve.

We have retained a keen interest in the AEMO’s development process.

We also continued to support the Clean Energy Regulator with a feed of meta data from our Battery Finder widget whilst the AEMO’s development process continued.

So we will be very interested to watch what evolves when the AEMO’s Distributed Energy Register goes live on 1st December 2019 (in a little over 2 weeks):