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AEMC publishes draft rule asking AEMO to coordinate a “Register of Distributed Energy Resources”

Back in August 2017, the COAG Energy Council agreed to initiate a national register for DER (Distributed Energy Resources), administered by the AEMO.  The Energy Council asked the AEMC to commence the rule change process to establish this.

Given our prior work in investigating how to establish a register at optimal benefit for a broad range of stakeholders, we have a keen interest in watching this progress – but, as Carol noted at Smart Energy Expo & Conference in April, we have parked our own development of this because of uncertainty about how this COAG/AEMC process might pan out.

On Tuesday 26th June 2018, the AEMC published a draft rule that seems to be broadly along the lines of what the COAG Energy Council asked them to establish.  The AEMC notes that their draft rule:

“> places an obligation on AEMO to establish, maintain and update a register of DER devices in the national electricity market (NEM), including small scale battery storage systems and solar

> requires NSPs to request from their customers the specific DER information outlined by AEMO in guidelines (through the network connection process and deemed standard connection contract) and provide this to AEMO

> introduces a data sharing framework that obliges AEMO to share disaggregated data regarding the locational and technical characteristics of devices in the DER register with network businesses in relation to their network areas, subject to privacy laws and protected information provisions in the National Electricity Law

> places an obligation on AEMO to periodically report publicly relevant information from the DER register at an appropriate level of aggregation

> allows AEMO to provide DER register information to an emergency services agency if requested for the purposes of that agency’s response to an emergency or for planning in relation to emergency responses.”

More information is available on the AEMC website here.  We note that submissions are due 7th August 2018.