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COAG Energy Council agree to initiate national register for DER, administered by AEMO

On Thursday 3rd August 2017, the COAG Energy Council published this “Energy Market Transformation Bulletin No 05 – Work Program Update”.  In particular, it contained this notice:

Battery Storage

Consistent with the Finkel recommendation for improved information on distributed energy resources (DER) and based on findings of a cost-benefit analysis, Ministers agreed to initiate the development of a national register for DER (solar generation and batteries) to be administered by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO). A rule change proposal is to be developed by end August 2017 and the register to commence operation by end 2018.

Ministers noted that the rule change proposal may include revising rules for customer connection and/or retail contracts to clarify the information customers provide to distributors and/or retailers about DER to provide a default national data collection option where jurisdictional arrangements are not in place.

Ministers also agreed officials should work with AEMO to prioritise development of a standard format for collection of data on DER.

As an interim measure ahead of establishing the national register, Ministers noted officials will work with stakeholders, including network businesses, installers, AEMO and the Clean Energy Regulator to increase data collection of DER, particularly storage equipment, which can be fed into the register once it is established.

(I have highlighted what I see as the 5 main points of information)

Given that we have already invested considerable effort in the development of an Energy Storage Register, we look forward to exploring how we might assist in AEMO’s process.