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The benefit-to-cost ratio can be maximised under “beneficiary pays” model

A key point to keep in mind is that, under a “beneficiary pays” model (such as what we are implementing), in which those who benefit from the data pay to subscribe to it, the benefits will naturally outweigh the costs.

1)   It’s in our interests (given we are investing our own funds, at risk, up front) to ensure this is the case – hence we are investing significantly to make it so.

2)  In our development approach, we are having a broad range of conversations to learn of others who could benefit from the data set (within confidentiality constraints) as our national Energy Storage Register comes together.

3)  These conversations have already canvassed a much broader group of stakeholders than have made submissions to the COAG Consultation process (for instance), and the list is continuing to expand – contact us (tel +61 7 3368 4064)  if you would like to be involved.