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Sunverge battery on display during eventful press conference launching AGL’s Virtual Power Plant in SA

Earlier today AGL CEO, Andy Vesey, held a media conference for the launch of a $20 million Virtual Power Plant in SA which was jointly funded by AGL and the Federal Government. While the press conference made headlines for a public spat between the Federal Minister for Environment and Energy, Josh Frydenberg and SA Premier Jay Weatherill, it’s intention was to the promote the launch of the initiative which involves 1000 homes in the state. The event was held in the driveway of one of the participants, Geoff Perkins, who proudly had his Sunverge battery on display.

Some key points…

Why was this article particularly of interest to us? As explained on our site here, we are working with the Energy Storage Council to develop an Energy Storage Register.

The Energy Storage Register is being developed to assist with four key challenges (plus a few ancillary challenges) with the growing adoption of battery storage technology into Australia’s electricity system.

How has this installation been registered? The storage industry envisages that installations like this will be registered in the Energy Storage Register, with access to this data restricted under Privacy Provisions.

With the information provided in the original AGL press release and the AFR news article, we have been able to commence the process for registering this particular installation, with the Energy Storage Register generating the unique registration code listed in the Storage Registration Widget embedded at the bottom of this article.

What are next steps, in fleshing out the registration record? The registration code (below) can be used to link more detailed information that can be supplied by others who have more detailed knowledge of this particular installation.

These stakeholders include:

  • The home owner (in this case Geoff Perkins);
  • The storage manufacturer (Sunverge);
  • The retailer (AGL);
  • The storage installer (not mentioned in the article);
  • The local network company (SA Power Networks being South Australia).

To enter more data you may have with respect to this particular installation, please use the form embedded below. The data entry form embedded here (and also elsewhere) can be used.

Adding data with respect to another installation? To submit data with respect to another installation, please use the data entry form that is to be embedded here (and also elsewhere across the web).

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