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Battery Finder launched in October 2016

Coincident with the All Energy 2016 conference, we were pleased to work with the Energy Storage Council in the launch of the Battery Finder service – as a milestone in the development of the broader Energy Storage Register.

The Battery Finder widget commenced with its first location being the Energy Storage Council website here.

Back on 3rd October, we sought input on three key questions:

Q1) What batteries have we missed, in this preliminary listing?

We’ve seeded this database-driven widget with some data, in order that you will be able to see how people might start to use the widget. However we fully expect that there are Makes and Models of battery that are not in the list. We would like your help in ensuring that this list is comprehensive – hence please let us know what we are missing (there’s a button on the widget to help you provide this data)?

Over the weeks that have passed since that time, we have continued to receive suggestions from a growing number of interested parties.  This has led to Battery Finder growing in size.  However it’s still probable that there are other Makes and Models you can suggest for inclusion.

Q2) Do you see it would be beneficial for you to have this widget embedded on your own website?

The widget has been designed to resize nicely into an area smaller than a full screen web page. Hence you should be able to embed the widget on any part of your website where you see that it would help your customers.  No charge to do this!

We’d like to hear back from you about whether you see embedding would be worthwhile – for you, and for your customers?

Q3) Who are the types of people (and organisations) you see will gain good value from this widget?

We’re interested to hear from you – what other types of organisations do you see will benefit from this widget, and how?


Now in 2017, with the launch of this compendium of a variety of information about battery storage, we have added Battery Finder to its own dedicated information resource page here.