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Ethnic Communities NSW submission to COAG consultation

On 21st September 2016, the Ethnic Communities Council of NSW Inc (ECCNSW) provided this 5 page submission to the COAG consultation process .

In their submission, they provide support:

“A battery energy storage register is vital for the three areas discussed in the paper”

however they do note the other forms of energy storage for which they see no need for inclusion in the register:

“It is important to note that ‘energy storage’ can take many forms and the emerging new energy products and services market is expanding rapidly to provide a range of these in a growth market. Hot water storage … mechanical storage … space heating storage techniques, water pumping and release are all energy storage techniques that probably do not warrant inclusion”

We note that the ECCNSW has made the following key comment (one that, perhaps surprisingly, not many of the submissions made):

Cost is an important consideration, as it is yet unclear how the costs for setting up the mechanisms and the ongoing collection and dissemination of information is to be effected and who will pay.”

We’ve noted here why we see a “beneficiary pays” model as superior to a “socialised cost” model.