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AusGrid provides submission to COAG Consultation

On 20th September 2016, AusGrid provided this 8 page submission to the COAG consultation process asking about both:
1)  The need for a central register of installed battery storage facilities; and
2)  A process by which it might be developed and maintained.

In its submission, AusGrid leads by noting its support for an ESR:

“Ausgrid supports this initiative to establish an energy storage register as it is necessary to have this information to support emergency response and for the Distribution Network Service Provider (DNSP) to ensure safe and efficient integration with the network. “

In its submission, AusGrid notes the apparent narrow focus of the consultation process:

“Ausgrid would note that the paper appears to primarily focus on the needs to collect this information from a national perspective in order to support Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) in performing its planning and security of supply role. Such a narrow focus may undermine the potential value from having a register given that other organisations such as electrical safety regulators and distribution networks would most likely have an equal or greater need to collect such information to fulfil their core responsibilities. “

We’ve already noted these comments about the narrowness of the consultation process, in terms of identifying potential points of value of the ESR.

In our summary page here we proposed 4 key reasons why an Energy Storage Register could be required:

Reason 1 = To assist First Responders  In the first quote listed above, AusGrid clearly reference the needs of First Responders to be able to access data in an Energy Storage Register.

They also note (p3) the specific example of:

“DNSP needing to isolate or work on the network in response to emergencies”

Where they are provided, we link to other articles referencing assistance to first responders as a reason for the Energy Storage Register.

Reason 2 = To assist in any potential future product recalls On page 3 of their submission, AusGrid notes the value of an ESR with reference to:

“Product recalls through appropriate electrical safety regulator”

Where they are provided, we link to other articles referencing potential future product recalls as a reason for the Energy Storage Register.

Reason 3 = To assist with life-cycle management In a quick scan of the AusGrid submission, we did not specifically see reference to the potential use of the ESR in the area of Life-Cycle Management.

Where they are provided, we link to other articles referencing life-cycle management as a reason for the Energy Storage Register.

Reason 4 = To assist with electricity system operations and planning. In the AusGrid submission (p2 and p3) they list several specific examples of how an ESR would assist in electricity system operations and planning.

Where they are provided, we link to other articles referencing electricity system operations and planning intelligence as a reason for the Energy Storage Register.

We would encourage you to review the full submission (linked above) in order that:
1)  You can confirm that we have not misinterpreted AusGrid’s sense of the reasons supporting an Energy Storage Register; and
2)  To glean other gems of information from AusGrid’s perspective on this challenge.