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About the consultation into the ESR being run out of COAG Energy Council

As an aside, we see that it’s informative that this consultation process has been run out of the COAG Energy Council .  Whilst Battery Storage is clearly an energy-sector asset, we see that 3 of the 4 reasons listed here for an Energy Storage Register are broader than an “internal” energy sector consideration.

It is understandable, as a result, that all of the submissions made in the process were from (or on behalf of) energy sector companies.
1)  Most of these submissions chose to focus on Reason 4 (energy sector planning and operations) with few covering any of the other 3 Reasons.
2)  In the conversations we had in 2016 with First Responders, for instance, it did not seem that they were even aware of the COAG consultation process.

In the development method we are using, we are keen to speak more broadly than energy sector participants (both established players and new entrants).