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AEMO provides battery take-up projection at Clean Energy Summit 2016

On July 27th and 28th 2016, the Australian Clean Energy Summit was held in Sydney.

On a first day session titled “Market Trends and Outlook”, the AEMO’s David Swift provided a presentation that is currently preserved on the AEMO website here.  Of particular relevance on this site was the following slide, which provided an AEMO forecast of battery storage update.

David Swift's slide from Clean Energy Summit 2016 providing AEMO's forecast of battery storage uptake

Taking this AEMO forecast at face value and looking particularly at the forecast for 2021 (where an aggregate capacity of 1,000,000kWh of storage is forecast) , we calculate that this would equate to between 50,000 and 150,000 storage units, depending on the specific size selected by each customer.  This gives us some idea of the how many entries we need to be catering for in the construction of the Energy Storage Register.

Of course we understand that any forecast is bound to be wrong – however they can still be useful.  In this case, we’re mainly interested in the rate at which the number of zeros might increase on the number of installs.

As another aside, I note that I provided other observations from the session David Swift spoke in here on WattClarity.