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NewGate Research (for AEMC) finds 2% of residences surveyed have batteries installed

On 30th June 2016, the AEMC completed this “2016 Retail Competition Review”.

Interestingly, as part of this review we find two documents provided by Newgate Research that touched on the adoption rate of battery storage amongst residential consumers across the NEM:
1)  This main report from June 2016 titled “Consumer Research for 2016 Nationwide Review of Competition in Retail Energy Markets “
2)  The main report was accompanied by this presentation provided in June 2016 on “New and Emerging Energy Technologies and Services”.

Given our involvement in the development of a national Energy Storage Register, the following slide was of keen interest to us:


It shows (p14) that 2% of the sample set of 2,333 residential energy users surveyed stated that they had storage batteries already installed.  This equates to 46 or 47 discrete installations across the sample set.

In our development of the national Energy Storage Register (which is important for these reasons) we will be seeking to ensure all of them have details recorded.