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About us

This service is being developed collaboratively by Global-Roam Pty Ltd and the Australian Smart Energy Council.

gr_logo_transparent_background__with_tag_v2_3136x688Since as early as 2000, at Global-Roam Pty Ltd, we have served a diverse range of stakeholders in the competitive energy marketplace.

Whilst our clients might all have different perspectives on the competitive energy marketplace (in part because they fill different roles in the energy supply industry), all of them gain benefits by making better decisions.  That’s something that we make easier through the range of products (and related services) we provide.

Further information about the company (including a description of some of our other products) is provided on our corporate website.

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The Australian Smart Energy Council seeks to advance the uptake and development of energy storage solutions in Australia.

The Smart Energy Council provides an independent forum comprising representatives of the energy storage industry for networking and information sharing. We connect local and global industry partners in this growing industry.

Members benefit from our policy and advocacy activities, news updates, industry events and training opportunities. Members have the opportunity to directly engage with other industry participants and have a voice in deciding the future of this emerging industry.

The Smart Energy Council has a critical role in creating industry standards and encouraging industry best practice for the energy storage sector.