We've just started developing this site and would love your feedback

How are we developing this Energy Storage Register?

We understand that the Energy Storage Register should be deliver real value-for-money.

To ensure that this is true:
(a)  We are taking the risk to fund the development of an Energy Storage Register ourselves;
(b)  Beneficiaries of the Energy Storage Register will only incur any cost in its development if they are happy to pay a subscription/licence fee to access the data collated in the Energy Storage Register.  Hence:
        i.  Only those who benefit will be asked to pay; and
        ii.  Payment will only be made at the point of delivery.
(c)  Note that some aspects of our service (such as the BatteryFinder widget here) will be widely available to whoever wants to use them at no charge.

This approach heavily incentivises us to ensure that we clearly understand who our customers might be, for this Energy Storage Register, and what we need to deliver in order to meet their requirements.

In particular, we would like to flag several key activities we are continuing to undertake in this “product discovery” process:

Activity 1 = We’re engaging in plenty of intense conversations with a diverse range of stakeholders in the energy storage sector.  


The stakeholders might be either (or both):

  • People (or organisations) who might be able to contribute data to the Energy Storage Register; and/or
  • People (or organisations) who would like to access data from the Energy Storage Register, when it has been compiled –  keeping in mind Privacy Protection requirements.

Assisting in this “product discovery” process is one of the key reasons  why we are investing in the development of this general access resource at BatteryStorage.info.

We’d like to hear from you if you are in a position where you might contribute data (e.g. you might be an installer, a manufacturer, or an owner of a battery system).

If you know of people who would be able to contribute data, we’d also like to hear from you.


Activity 2 =  We’re using an Agile method of software development to progressively develop the Energy Storage Register In parallel with these ongoing conversations, we are iteratively developing the Energy Storage Register.

We’re starting at the the “data input” end and will iterate all the way through to “data retrieval“, all the while being cognisant of privacy requirements.

We’d welcome your input – comments, criticisms, compliments and suggestions for improvement all welcome

This Agile process means that, as a byproduct of development, we produce “assets” that are of value in their own right – the first of these is our Battery Finder™ widget.  Other “assets” like this will follow that you will be also able to use.

I will look forward to learning more of your perspectives – if you have strong feelings either way about this initiative – please:

  • Call +61 (0)7 3368 4064; or
  • Email us to let us know more.