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Addressing Privacy Concerns

We understand that some of our contributors see privacy of their data of significant concern – and we agree that it is a constraint that needs to be properly managed.

We are very keen to speak directly with them (call us on +61 (0)7 3368 4064)  in order to ensure that, through this iterative product development process, we can deliver on both:
1)  Respecting this privacy; whilst also
2)  Delivering an effective, and efficient, Energy Storage Register for reasons such as these.

Under the umbrella of “Privacy” our current understanding is that there are essentially two baskets of concerns:

 1)  Concerns for individuals – residential energy users

Firstly there are the concerns related to privacy of individual consumer data (e.g. a residential energy user who has a battery product installed at home does not want their name and address generally accessible).

Obviously in some cases this data will need to be available to others (with the First Responder need being the most obvious one) – however in many cases it should be possible to meet the needs of various stakeholders without identifying data being released.

 2)  Commercial concerns – for companies in the space

In the second bucket are a whole range of concerns shared by commercial operators in the space, who do not want their competitors gaining access to data that might be used to unfairly compete against them.

We are continuing with many conversations in this space in order to ensure these concerns are addressed.