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Sonnen offering households “free power”

It was announced today that the German battery manufacturer, sonnen, has launched their sonnenFlat system in Sydney today. Together with Natural Solar, sonnen is offering to pay customers grid usage costs in return for access to streaming power from their sonnenBatterie Eco 8 system.

Sonnen introduced the scheme in Germany last year where initially it installed 2000 battery systems to create what is a virtual power plant.

In sonnen’s case, those using the sonnenFlat system and returning solar power to the grid can be scattered around the country.

Understanding the potential of grid-connected battery storage to reduce network investment while providing a safe and reliable power supply is significant to long-term electricity systems operations and planning which is one of the key reasons for developing the Energy Storage Register.


PS (Paul here) – this type of approach by Sonnen was one type of approach I pondered about back when I posted about “What happens when energy is free” a year ago