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Senec.Home Li battery is now available in Australia

As reported in RenewEconomy, Senec Australia held their product launch in Perth today.

Jonathan’s article on RenewEconomy notes that the German company Senec-IES will be supplying 2,000 units into the Australian market in the first 6 months of 2017.  Given that our development of a national Energy Storage Register is our prime focus (and the reason behind our development of this site) these sorts of numbers are of keen interest to us, even if they are probably sales targets at this point.

We have updated our BatteryFinder™ Widget to reflect that the product is now available for purchase in Australia.  It had previously been listed under “Coming Soon”

The RenewEconomy article also notes that:

“Germany’s SolarWatt is expected to join the burgeoning field in the coming weeks”

You can already see these batteries listed in our BatteryFinder™ Widget “Coming Soon”.  Battery Finder currently totals to 141 makes and models of battery systems listed for Australia.