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AEMO discussion paper on “Visibility of Distributed Energy Resources”

Given prior conversations with the AEMO about our project to develop the national Energy Storage Register (with AEMO as one of the potential subscribers to the service), the AEMO let us know today of the publication of this 45-page discussion paper about “Visibility of Distributed Energy Resources”.

The paper was prepared as part of their Future Power System Security Program.

I’ve had a quick skim of the paper and it looks like it provides some useful reasoning behind the need for an Energy Storage Register (and more) from the perspective of Electricity Systems Operations & Planning – which was one of the reasons we identified at the commencement of our project.  They conclude the Executive Summary with this bit on “Enhancing Visibility”:

“It is necessary to establish a broad, flexible, and technology-neutral framework to facilitate visibility of DER installed BTM. This framework should leverage existing mechanisms and frameworks so far as possible.

There are three key considerations associated with a data collection framework: collection, storage, and access/communication. It would be necessary to establish a regulatory obligation to collect the data, a regulatory obligation to host the data, and a sharing protocol.

The required framework is likely to be different for standing and real-time data. Standing data is required on a disaggregated basis at the level of installation. Real-time data can be aggregated but needs to be collected continuously. There are both technical and regulatory options for data collection, each with their own pros and cons”

We will review the main body with great interest.