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CER records 472 batteries installed concurrently with solar panels systems in 2015

In May 2016 the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) submitted the Renewable Energy Target 2015 Administrative Report to parliament. The report included a Battery Storage Feature where it was noted that while there was no direct incentive through the scheme to install batteries:

” when small-scale technology certificates are created for new solar installations we ask whether a storage battery has also been installed. In 2015, a total of 472 of around 130 000 on-grid solar panel systems reported a concurrent battery installation.”

Understanding the impact of battery storage on network operations and planning requires knowledge of how much capacity is currently installed and the potential for growth. The CER report provides a concrete number of battery installations in 2015 but only for concurrent installations.

We are working to build the Energy Storage Register such that these instances of installed battery systems can be noted for the 4 reasons provided.