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ABC reports on Tesla Powerwall installed in Western Sydney

Back on 2nd February 2016, ABC provided this long commentary on the Tesla Powerwall battery system – and, in particular, referenced a family-of-four who live in Western Sydney and were one of the early adopters in installing one.

The family’s name was not provided – other than that the father’s name is Andrew.

Of interest to us was the link from that ABC article to this review by Choice of 1st February 2016 that provided a calculation of payback time under various scenarios.

With particular reference to this article:

Why was this article particularly of interest to us? As explained on our site here, we are working with the Energy Storage Council to develop an Energy Storage Register.

The Energy Storage Register is being developed to assist with four potential challenges with the growing adoption of battery storage technology into Australia’s electricity system.

How has this installation been registered? The storage industry envisages that installations like Andrew’s will be registered in the Energy Storage Register, with access to this data restricted under Privacy Provisions.

With the information provided in this ABC news article, we have been able to commence the process for registering this particular installation, with the Energy Storage Register generating this unique registration code:

AAAA-BBBB (real code to be added)

What are next steps, in fleshing out the registration record? The  registration code above can be used to link more detailed information that can be supplied by others who have more detailed knowledge of this particular installation.

These stakeholders include:

  • The home owner (in this case Andrew and family);
  • The storage manufacturer (in this case Tesla);
  • The retailer (in this case Origin Energy);
  • The storage installer (the article seems to imply that this was Natural Solar);
  • The local network company (Endeavour Energy, being Western Sydney).

To enter date with respect to the above installation, the data entry form embedded here (and also elsewhere) can be used.